Workshop Day

Thursday 21st January will be a day of short sharp workshops offering a chance to explore and work with a number of themes all relevant to Studios 5, 8 and 10 (X).

There will be 9 workshops in total, 3 organised and run per studio. These workshops will run in 3 parallel sessions, each 90mins long. Within each studio you should work in 3 groups to prepare your workshops as listed below. Each group will have a 90min slot to run their workshop with max. 10 other students.

There will be an introduction to the day at 10.00AM in Lecture Theatre 2; signing up for workshop attendance will take place at this introductory meeting. The day will finish back in Lecture Theatre 2 with a brief round up from each group.

The themes are:
(run by) Studio 5:

A. self-organisation – the tactical appropriation of space by the individual or collective outside normative political and economic processes

B. cultural identity in the built environment – to what extent can or should architecture reflect the cultural heritage of a community?

C. non-plan – exploring the work of Cedric Price et al in relation to contemporary issues of participation, temporality and technology

(run by) Studio 8:

D. re-use – the technical and theoretical implications of material, spatial and programmatic re-use

E. change over time – the creative possibilities of phasing and growth/reduction over time

F. local production – the spatial implications of emphasising local food, local craft, local energy etc.

(run by) Studio 10:

G. energy – the spatial implications of energy production, distribution and consumption

H. movement – architecture as infrastructure; networks, connections, transport

I. assembly – the creative possibilities in putting things together (and taking them apart again)

To prepare for your workshop you should:
• do as much preparatory research as possible
• produce a max. 100 word statement of intent to launch the workshop; this should state the purpose of the workshop, flag up questions/issues to be explored, set out the group’s attitude/manifesto towards the theme – this should be emailed to Stephen Walker by 6pm on Wednesday for him to include in the sign-up sheet
• agree a way of working for the workshop; including roles, aims and objectives, resources required, activities planned
• all groups should ensure that their workshop includes an exploration of the technical implications of their theme
• decide upon a method of recording the process and outcomes of the workshop and identify whose responsibility this will be in your group

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