Notes On Linguistics

Notes on Linguistics

Examples and Notes from the Text

1. Call centres in India: Employees are trained to have British or American accents so customers in the UK feel like they are talking to local people they can relate to.

2. Local identities through language. A place can be defined by how people speak within the area.

3. Language giving a place power: The UK is given power just by speaking English, people travel from across the world to learn the language there, and many people choose to go on holiday to the UK because of the language both of which benefits the British economy.

4. Language through space and time. The telephone, mobile phone, film and the Internet.

5. One of the big political issues in the UK today is one of language; Gordon Brown has set his goal of promoting 'Britishness'. There is a growing number of school children who's first language is not English. This brings up issues to do with culture, identity and isolation within society.

6. Slave owners put slaves with different dialects together to reduce chance of rebellion.

7. In the United Nation conferences leaders wear headphones so that they can listen to the translations of the speakers. This dramatically transforms how the space is used.

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