Possible Tools

1. Research into the flow of energy in and out of the river.

2. Uses of the river over time, possible uses for the river now.

3. Analysis of the ecological cycles of the river vs the 'meshwork' of the river, ie all the other elements which effect it.

4. Search for 'magical' properties such as highly efficient processes. Are there any special qualities of the land? Precious stones, diamonds, valuable metals etc. In terms of efficiency and cycles, these are positive anomalies.

5. What are the logistical networks in and around the Don compared to other places?

6. An analysis of the flow of water and energy in and out of a place.

7. Investigation into the effect of political revolutions on a meshwork. Eg cuba as a possible case study.

8. What will happen if natural processes are made visible within an area eg. water cycles.

9. How would the introduction of wildlife effect a system or meshwork in an area?

10. To search for an alternative to cycles, ecological systems and closed networks. Does there need to be a type of magic which eradicates the need for natural cycles(can this be sustainable?). Neil Spiller talks of modern technology being indistinguishable from magic. Perhaps we must look to technology and technological processes such as quantum engineering and biotechnology or maybe we can look at special qualities found in geology and biology to help us such as plutonium, diamonds or algae. How can this be sustainable?

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