Jonathan Millard
Starting Point (Jan 2010)

Fueling Blackburn Meadows

Initial investigations into the viability of the new biomass power station to be constructed and a re-evaluation of the procurement and carbon-cycles of potential fuel sources (as yet unidentified by e-on, but intended to be 100% 'clean recycled wood') Sourcing 200,000 tonnes of clean recycled wood in the Sheffield region per year seems unlikely (the incinerator takes 225,000 of pure waste per year (58% all Sheffield's waste) and E-On are yet to find suitable contractors) - the idea of using it as a primary fuel (when there are many other recyclable purposes) unsustainable, inconsiderate of the material life-cycle and inherent properties and adverse to the desire to cull waste.

Blackburn Meadows risks fuel scarcity, and could easily descend into fuel importation (click this for a crazy future biomass procurement story) which is already evident from the necessity for biofuels for co-firing. Demands for co-firing of biomass at coal stations has risen dramatically - currently, the UK's biomass industry cannot meet these demands. The material cycles of our fuels are therefore ever increasing.

Therefore, this phase of study investigates whether there can be an there be an independent sustainable fuel source created or managed in the Lower Don Valley, that also seeks to re-appropriate derelict or obsolete industrial land. Sites of former production become intensive sites of fuel creation/management to close the carbon cycle/energy loop and create a self-sustaining zone of energy production.

Manifesto, Energy Flows, Fuel Cycles


Current Words/Areas of Interest

Homeostasis - stability
Homeostatic Imbalance, Bifurcations and instability
Edge Conditions
Engineering Biological Systems
Temperance / permanence / resilience

Cycles and Systems - C2C
Site Re-appropriation / Bio-remediation

Drift / spontaneity


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