In the Wake of Wind

In the Wake of Wind from Alex Robertson

In 2008 the world's largest tidal turbine was commissioned at the entrance to Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland. Built by Bristol based developers MCT, the turbine puts the UK at the cutting edge of marine renewable technology.

Two decades ago a British organisation called the Wind Energy Group (WEG) started work on a 3MW turbine for the Scottish Highlands. At the time it would have been the most powerful turbine in operation. Today there is no British wind turbine manufacturer…

What happened to WEG? Has the UK really lost out? Will tidal power follow in the wake of wind? As we stand at the brink of an incredible era for the British renewables industry, In the Wake of Wind sets out to tell this remarkable story. To show In the Wake of Wind at your event, please contact ku.oc.dniwfoekawehtni|xela#ku.oc.dniwfoekawehtni|xela. The film is available in HD. Produced by Alex Robertson in spring 2009. Alex is a renewable energy professional, with an interest in two-bladed design and tidal stream turbines.

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