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The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre For Europe

"We know that we have to make the transition to a low carbon future and the government is determined to ensure that British businesses get the support they need to seize the business opportunities that transition creates." - Lord Mandelson


Energy Flows


Nuclear Energy


The Chernobyl Nuclear Accident



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03/12/09: Breaking News, Catcliffe to receive Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC)

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Yorkshire Post on NAMRC

Sheffield Forum - Opposition to Catcliffe Nuclear Centre

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"Play your Part in Stopping Climate Change"

How to Carbon Balance your work/life

Universcale - An interesting view of everything in an order of size

16/10/09 UKs first Carbon Capture Plant to be constructed in Hatfield, Doncaster


Franny Armstrong: The Age of Stupid, 2009

Who are you calling Stupid?

Martin Durkin: The Great Global Warming Swindle, Channel 4 2007

Davis Guggenheim: An Inconvenient Truth, 2006

Threads, Barry Hines 1984

Among Giants, Sam miller 1998

The Last Train, Matthew Graham, 1999

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