Attercliffe is a town along the Don Valley in the East End of Sheffield with a surprising history and a unique character.

To those driving though to Meadowhall it's just another edgy part of the city, but look a bit deeper and you'll quickly find yourself sunk in a phenomenological paradise. You don't have to go far to start discovering this part of Sheffield; one turn off Attercliffe Road will lead you to the cemetary, an ery, spooky place where the distant sound of cars and industries create the haunting soundscape for this leafy burrying ground.

But Attercliffe is the town of contradiction. Once housing the workforce of Sheffield's Steel industry, featuring baths, a public library, schools and churches it now has a reputation for its sex industry. Wife swapping, sauna parlours and gay bars now dominate the town's late night landscape, with La Chambre standing at the top of the sex-industry pyramid.

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