42 Tinsley District Angling Club


This is one of the most productive stretches of the Sheffield Canal and has been consistently improving over recent years. Tinsley & District AC control three miles of the canal, providing consistent sport throughout the year. Roach to 1 .5lb, bream to 61b and tench to 41b feature in pleasure catches. Around 16 metres in width, the canal averages 5.5ft deep in the central track and is 3-4ft deep in the margins. Squall fishing is consistent in summer, but maggot and caster can bring bigger fish. In winter, regulars fish a 11.5 metre line with single pinkie or maggot on a 24 hook, with 251b mainline and 1 .71b hooklength. Be careful with feeding - a little and often approach can pay dividends. In summer big bags of carp in the 3-41b bracket are possible. When tackling these a 41b mainline with a minimum 2.251b hooklength is called for. Loosefed trout pellet with a single pellet on the hook is a method that works well.

Season tickets only. Adults £15, OAPs and Juniors £5


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