35 As You Lie Back Poem

…As you lie back

In the long, cool grass,
Look up into the sky,
See the birds fly,

A damselfly is set up,
Lovely in the sky,
It's purpley-blue body,
Sleeps on the leaves.

Rainbow flowers,
Hide in the green grass,
A pond skater scampers,
Frogs plop into the pond.

Listen in the lake,
Going along with swans,
Can you hear the ripples,
Tap against the bank?

Feel the wind blow,
Freely through your hair,
Smell the trees and the ground,
As you walk along.

In the middle,
Of the colour and the sound,
Leaves flutter down to the ground,
Our passports to this special place.

When I am here,
I feel nice inside.

Written by the pupils of Fultrum[?] Junior School


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