32 Who Am I


Sheffield City Council
The Oynx Environmental Trust
Wildlife Trusts - Sheffield and Rotherham

I swim in the lake
I have babies called cygnets
I like to eat fish
When I am young people often say I am ugly
But I soon grow tall with a long white neck
Glide along to find out Who I am…

I start of long and hairy stuck to a plant
In the spring I sleep in my own little house
I wake in the Summer a complete change
With Beautiful wings I flutter about
Flying through the sky on a hot summer day
On the flowers and plants everywhere
Flutter along to find out Who I am…

My eyes are wide
I speak with a croak
People often say I get stuck in your throat
My feet are webbed
And help me to jump with big powerful legs
Jump along the tracks to find out…

Protecting Wildlife for the future


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